When it comes to writing fiction, a trope is a storyline or theme that the reader comes to expect. For romances this might be a “secret baby” book, or friends to lovers, or enemies to lovers. Readers have their favorite tropes and especially in the world of romance, they seem to have an infinate appetite for them.

However, as an author, you might wonder if writing a trope into your story is the right thing for you. It may make you feel boxed in, and you might wonder why you need to put these familiar elements into your story. After all, what makes your secret baby book different from all the other ones out there?

Let’s look at the reasons why you would want to use a trope in your story.

1. Readers flock to them.

When you use a trope, readers know what to expect. And those that love the theme, LOVE THEM. Like gobble them up. Readers may take a chance on new to them authors if they recognize a familiar storytelling device within the pages of the book.

2. Allows you to express your creativity

Yes, even using well-worn storytelling elements, allow you to put your own unique spin on it. Explore new dimensions to your favorite story lines, apply them in updated settings or circumstances. Make them diverse. Add something unexpected. Using a storytelling element as a starting point is just that–a starting point.

3. It can help with writer’s block.

If you know where the story is heading, and you have a good handle on the character’s motivations–two things which using tropes can help you with–then there’s less of a chance you’ll get stuck writing.

You don’t have to use common storytelling elements in your story. In fact, you can go out on a limb and create something completely new. But also, don’t shy away from them because readers enjoy them and they can be fun to write, too.

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