Hi, I’m Kit.

Having been a published author since 2002, I’ve seen if not everything, then almost everything. I’ve been through publisher implosions, the kind that used to fill the blogosphere for WEEKS with all the drama (and then some!). I’ve dealt with releases that flopped and releases that took off beyond my wildest imagination. And I watched the changes, as the internet marketing guys discovered (somewhere around 2012) that they could make a lot of money off authors hungry to sell books. They quickly became the gurus, the big sharks in this wide publishing ocean with a bunch of little fish, and we went from being creative souls writing our books to prey. A commodity. Through it all, I watched as authors got more frustrated, more disgusted, and more burnt out.

I even stepped back, figured out how I wanted to write. Sometimes even questioned if I wanted to continue, but something kept drawing me back. Sound familiar?

Here’s the cliffs notes of what I’ve done:

  • Written under multiple pen names in genres including romance (sweet and erotic), science fiction, fantasy, and women’s literature
  • First published in book-length fiction in December 2002. First published in magazines back in the early 90s.

  • Worked with more than 10 publishers including some big digital-first names (Ellora’s Cave, Samhain, Loose Id).
  • More than two decades working with technology including author websites and customer support

  • Experienced in training and mentoring
  • Over 10 years as a publisher working with over 75 authors.
  • And that’s just for starters…

Epona Author Solutions is the culmination of all this work, the things I know authors need help with both on the inside and the outside, and a combination of my passion for helping authors find their way in this crazy business.

If you’re tired of being SOLD TO, pushed to write faster, and treated like a machine, you’re in the right place! Break down fences and run free by creating your own publishing career.


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