Hi, I’m Mary (and SuperDuck).

When I was in high school I looked at my high school guidance counselor, told him that I wanted to write romance novels and live on a horse farm, and thankful that he had a student who knew what she wanted, provided no other guidance. That was a good thing.

I live on my homestead in the Ozarks with my senior mare, Fortune (whom I’ve had since October 1999), and her five pasture mates, enough cats to form a not so itty bitty kitty committee, and a mixed flock of poultry including geese, ducks, and chickens, including miniature chickens. What does this have to do with writing and publishing? A lot.

From the first book published in 2002 to now, I’ve worked to build the life I wanted. One filled with books to write and produce, a lot of time hugging my horses, checking for fresh eggs, and yes, kitty cuddles. I’ve done it my way. There’s magic every day. I’ve forged my own path and I run free.

I can help you do the same. To leap fearlessly into the unknown, write the books you want to write, and do it on your own terms. Let’s talk. Whether it’s help with your website and newsletter or some one-on-one coaching, I can help. And yes, you’re in the right place.

It’s tough being a writer and you want someone who understands you’re trying to juggle writing, editing, marketing, promotion, networking, and yes, all the busy work that comes with being an author alongside taking care of your family, friends, social obligations, and often a “day job”. I’ve been there. I understand.

  • First published in book-length fiction in December 2002
  • Written under multiple pen names in genres including romance (sweet and erotic), science fiction, fantasy, and women’s literature
  • More than two decades working with technology including author websites and customer support
  • Experienced in training and mentoring


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