Hi! I’m Kit.

I love writing books with diverse characters and coloring outside the genre lines. But there’s one thing I love more than writing and that’s helping authors bring their stories to life!

  • Publishing Books since 2002
  • Published in Magazines since 1990s
  • Written in Multiple Genres
  • Written for more than 10 publishers
  • Publisher for over a decade

Certified Confidence Coach
Certified REBT Coach
Certified CBT Coach
Certified EFT-TFT Practitioner
500HR Yoga Teacher
100HR Meditation Teacher

I help authors communicate easier by connecting their creative spirit with practical action. To do this, I use my over two decades as a published author to create services designed to reduce overwhelm and keep authors focused on what matters to them in order to cultivate creative wellness, prevent and overcome burnout, and create their own publishing career so they can thrive as authors.