Burnt out on writing? Ready to be done with it all? If so, you're in the right place.

There’s no question the publishing world has changed–A LOT–and those changes are impacting authors more and more. So if you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, you’re not alone! I’m ready to help you dive deep and find the answers, but first let’s answer the most important question–is your writing burning you out or are you burnt out because of everything that goes along with writing?

I help authors define their own unique publishing path to keep them writing and enjoying their work. To do this, I use my over two decades as a published author to offer services designed to reduce overwhelm and keep authors focused on what matters to them in order to cultivate holistic wellness, prevent and overcome burnout, and create their own publishing paradigm so they can thrive as author in today’s publishing world.

You started writing because you loved the stories you were telling. You didn’t do this to become a marketer, a publisher, a publicist, an editor, and you certainly didn’t intend to make writing no different than a corporate treadmill–running faster and never getting anywhere for little, if any, recognition.

So are you burnt out on writing? Or is it everything else that goes with writing burning you out?

Discover your strengths and what’s working for you.

Get help with technical things like your website and newsletter to take more OFF your plate.

Learn to love writing again and jump over any obstacles in your way.

The truth is

The current publishing paradigm treats books like “widgets” produced in a factory and authors like assembly line workers.

That’s a recipe designed to create chronic stress and burnout!

And for authors chronic stress causes

Loss of joy and diminished creativity

Feeling like you have to do more with less resources

Imposter syndrome

Health issues

(and yes, burnout!)

Hi. I’m Kit,
Your Creative Wellness Coach.


I’m here to help you thrive as an author so you can keep doing what you love–tell stories.


I’ve written over 100 novels in multiple genres (under multiple pen names) and worked with over 10 publishers (some of the biggest and best known of their time), and you don’t do that without learning a thing or three about cultivating your own path and avoiding burnout. From publisher implosions to internet typhoons, to industry drama and the advent of ebooks–I’ve written through it all and now I’m here to help you do the same.

I provide technical services to take some of the hard stuff off your plate and classes to help you navigate both the writing and everything that comes with writing. And for those who want to go deep and really kick burnout to the curb–forever–I’m a creative and holistic wellness coach. Whether you’re looking for the drive thru version or the five-course meal, I’ve got you covered. And I can’t wait to work with you!


You could stay stuck on the write – publish – promote treadmill and get (or remain) burned out OR YOU COULD

craft the publishing path that works for you and keeps you telling the stories you were meant to tell.

Let’s start this transformation by

Take A Publishing Inventory

We start by seeing where you’re at now and where you want to be. Then, we determine your strengths. With those pieces of information, next we can plot a path.

Discover Your Publishing Profile

As part of the inventory process, we’ll take a publishing profile to see which publishing path will unlock your creative genius. This is your key to success along this journey and a can’t miss step.

Create A Journey

Now that we have the key to your creative genius, we’ll craft a journey toward creative wellness. This is no turn-by-turn boring GPS; it’s filled with landmarks and sights you’ll want to see.

Your adventure begins by booking a free call.

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{Epona was one of the best editing services I have used. Kit is extremely knowledgeable and cares about their clients. They wants to ensure that every writer is able to put out a quality story and they accomplished that with my edits. They was also VERY reasonably priced with high quality results!
Tyler Wittkofsky
{Kit has edited and formatted for me before. I sure wish that I'd found them before I had two other self-proclaimed editors do the work. Kit Caelsto will deliver. They will work with you and get your work where it needs to be.
D. Owen Powell
{You cannot go wrong with Kit editing your manuscript. Not only will they make your book shine, you’ll learn so much from them. They're just the best there is.
Lex Valentine

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