Having been around this business and being a multipotentialite (comes from the word multipotentiality, which is a psychological and educational term used to describe people who display aptitudes across multiple disciplines), I offer services to help the INNER author as well as the OUTER author.

The inner author is your creative well, where your stories come from. It’s your mindset and you dreams. It’s how you feel and whether you have imposter syndrome or not. It’s your heart and soul and everything energetically connected to them.

The outer author is all the stuff you have to do. Websites and newsletters, editing and putting a book together. All of that is the outer author and it, sadly, has very little to do with writing your actual story.


Outer Author


With well over 10 years of editing experience, as well as extensive knowledge of the fantasy, science fiction, and romance genres, my editing services are top notch. I specialize in copy edits. Check out my editing page to learn more about requesting a sample edit and see what I have to offer.

Newsletter Services

Not sure which service to use? Starting out and not want to break the bank? Need a no frills option and are you tired of companies that offer free tiers only to leave out some of the most valuable features? I know I am and that’s why I created Epona Mail.  Check out Epona Mail | Sendy for Authors.

Website Hosting & Support

An author website is a must, even in this age of social media. Allow me to host your WordPress website. My service includes running routine upgrades and updates.

Virtual Mailbox

You need to have an address to send a newsletter through all major providers. But you probably don’t want to pay to rent a post office box. Don’t worry. Epona Mail has you covered. Use our virtual mailbox service, and your mail will be handled safely and securely. Learn more.

Inner Author

Author Yogi

Author Yogi provides holistic wellness services to creative individuals. Go beyond “eat right” and “exercise more” and get to the heart of what it takes to keep you creative and thriving. Services and group program coming in 2023.

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