Depending on the source, the Wellness Wheel, which details areas of wellness, has six to eight sections. Spread out through physical and emotional health, social, spiritual, environmental, and occupational health, and sometimes intellectual health is added, these are the areas, which when attended to will bring about health and wellness in someone’s life.

And they apply to authors. More than that, these areas also apply to creativity. When we’re not in balance, whether that’s through work-life balance or general wellness and health balance, many of us find that it’s hard to be creative. If an author is lucky, they can shift projects, even genres to help try and find the creativity again. If not, then each word is a struggle.

This is why I believe we need to rethink the wellness wheel for authors, and creative professionals in general. Sure, creativity could fall under occupational health, maybe emotional health,  but there’s so much that goes into both of those outside of creativity. It’s time we start thinking of the wheelness wheel as a tool, an adaptable tool, to help bring out the best in authors, to start thinking of author health and creativity as something that should be enhanced by the act of writing and publishing–not detracted by it.

I’m curious. What six to eight areas would you put on an author’s wellness wheel?

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