As a general rule, most authors I know don’t want to take a break. Writing is in our blood. It’s in our soul. We get irritable and anxious when we’re not writing. And while some of this has to do with the demands of  the current marketplace, the publish or perish belief that ties into Amazon’s algorithms, it also just comes with being an author.

When is it okay to take a break? And should we?

The answer is YES, you should take a break. Stepping away from writing is good. Transitioning from drafting to editing makes a perfect time for a break. And when you do step away, the time will allow the manuscript to get a little less “fresh” in your eyes. You’ll view it more as a reader does, rather than a writer who is close to the story.

In fact, I could give the flippant answer and say it’s the perfect time to take a break whenever you feel like you need one. We get so caught up in production, in being productive, that we often don’t listen to our internal states. If you’re frustrated by a project, feeling burnt out, exhausted, overworked, then it’s good to take a break.

The world won’t end if you pause in writing your story. In fact, it may turn a bit easier on its axis if you do take a break. Giving yourself permission to take a break is a powerful thing. It says you believe in your story enough to come back to it. And, it tells your creativity that it’s okay to rest. It eases the pressure authors too often put on themselves.

Do you need a break? Right now is a good time to breathe, even if it’s just for a few days.

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