I get it. You want to dive into the excitment that’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), but either you’re not in a place where you can write 50,000 new words in 30 days or you want to pursue something different. No problem! Try a non-traditional NaNoWriMo.

I’ve participated in several NaNoWriMos, and made the 50,000 word mark several times. But in recent years, I’ve either been in more of an editing mode, or needing to work on other projects. If that’s where you’re at this year, you’re not alone.

I know of authors who have written a series of novellas or short stories. Content creators might pre-write several blog posts, making sure they can schedule one a day for a couple months or more. Though you can only verify on the official NaNoWriMo site you’ve won if you write those 50K words, there’s nothing that says you can’t “win” NaNo if you are doing editing, coding, or some other creation.

How do you do a non-traditional NaNoWriMo?

Just plan it out. Decide what you want to accomplish, and do it! After all, as authors, we know that writing a book is only one step of the entire process. Editing, rewriting, etc. can all be part of the writing process, too.


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