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If you haven’t had a chance yet to watch my webinar event on affiliate links, it’s still available until 12/27, and I encourage you to do so. In short, affiliate links are links to products (such as your books on Amazon or other retailers) that have a code embedded in them to pay you a commission for each purchase. I know it seems as if I’ve been talking about them lately, but it’s because I see them as underutilized resources for authors to earn extra money. And I want you to earn more money!

As long as you abide by the rules that the companies’ set aside for the use of their program, you can use these links on your own website or even on universal link sites like Books2Read. I encourage you to check out my webinar while it’s still free and see what you may want to do. And if you have questions–just ask!

One easy way to get visible to participate in group promotions, newsletter swaps, and share books you enjoy. How about if you could do this and earn extra money? Register for Affiliate Income: The Writer’s Secret Weapon to discuss the ways in which you can do this. Boost your author profile. Share books your readers will love. And earn money.

Webinar lasts about 30 minutes with links and references. Unlimited replays available until 12/27. Watch on your own schedule.

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