[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A horse never apologizes, at least not in the way that we think of such things in our day-to-day interactions. Sure, a trusted mount might appear to look sheepish when they dump you in the mud, but that also could be us putting our human emotions and thoughts onto them. Instead, they are probably looking back at us like “What are you doing down there? Get up here and let’s go!” Horses live in the moment and while they understand that sometimes actions have consequences (Watch a herd mare teaching this to youngsters.), they also don’t apologize for being themselves.

It’s a lesson that my own horses remind me of each and every day. There’s Fortune who knows she’s the Empress and demands an Empress’ level of attention. Holly, resuced from a kill pen and previously employed at a feed lot, really doesn’t trust people much, but she’s coming around to understanding that I, at least, am the dispenser of food and treats. She’s not that keen on affection, but she’ll tolerate it. There’s Thunder and Firefly, a “father”/daughter pair who are both as goofy and lovey as can be. “Can I be your friend? I’d be a really really good friend, I promise,” they say, and they drink up every hug, every kiss, every scratch on their withers. There’s Polly who is my Eeyore, though she’s not a donkey at all. But she has the disposition of the lovable character and makes you want to just love on her and tell her everything is going to be okay. Finally there’s Kitty Kash, who covers up her heart of gold with the bluster of a mare in charge. She might be a bay instead of a chestnut, but she has the attitude of any “ginger mare”. Each of them different, and yet, each of them unique and loved. They’re all valued members of the herd and I love them for who they are.

Think about your own circle. You have friends, besties even, who you love no matter what. Sure, they may be a bit of a downer at times, and maybe they don’t have your lust for adventure. And yet, they’re supportive and sure, always there beside you, and you know they got your back, no matter what you need done. Do you respect and understand your own uniqueness as much as you value theirs? Do you say thinks about yourself that you’d never say about your friends? I bet that might be the case.

This week, make sure you value and honor your own uniqueness. You’re not a “brand” or a “market”. You’re you. And there’s value there. The world wants to see it. I know I do.[/vc_column_text][vc_zigzag color=”orange”][vc_column_text]Are you wanting to share your book with the world? Feel as if you need more clarity and guidance on how to tap into the story waiting to be told? I help writers overcome life’s curve balls to create the book of their dreams. One that can touch readers and change hearts. Sign up below to be the first to hear about Unbridled Authors, my program to help you overcome fears and frustration as you gallop towards your dreams.[/vc_column_text]