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[vc_row][vc_column][thim-heading title=”Book Formatting” sub_heading=”From epub to mobi and Smashwords too, we’ll format your book for one low price. Or pay once and get formatting for an entire year!” line=””][vc_column_text]Your book is edited, ready to put up to sale but you’re stymied by formatting. Smashwords has its own requirements. Amazon is a bit more lenient. But then you need to make an .epub file if you’re going wide or simply want to provide one to your ARC readers. It’s enough to frustrate the author who just wants to publish the book!

Don’t worry. Let me handle the eBook formatting. I’ve been formatting books for publication for over ten years, both my own and others. I’ll get you into tip-top shape with books ready to upload to your vendor, no matter if that’s Smashwords, Amazon, Draft2Digital, or others. Even print!

Take a look at my reasonable rates below…[/vc_column_text][thim-heading title=”Perfect for a Book or Two” textcolor=”#dd9933″ title_custom=”custom” font_size=”24″ font_weight=”” sub_heading=”Format one book or a couple” font_sub_heading=”custom” custom_sub_font_size=”20″ custom_sub_font_weight=”” line=”true” text_align=”text-center”][vc_column_text][pricing-table id=6799 template=”smooth” currency=”$”][/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

What do you get?

Ebook: Receive a .mobi and an .epub file suitable for all retailers.

Print: Receive not only the electronic formats, but also a PDF suitable for uploading to print vendors.

Smashwords: Add on Smashwords formatting or purchase it on its own.

Want to purchase Smashwords & one of the other packages? Once you click on the link, return to this page to add smashwords. In the yearly package, the Smashwords also includes print and ebook.[/vc_column_text][thim-heading title=”Pay Once. Format All Year.” textcolor=”#dd9933″ title_custom=”custom” font_size=”24″ font_weight=”” sub_heading=”Up to 7 Books in 12 Months from Payment” font_sub_heading=”custom” custom_sub_font_size=”20″ custom_sub_font_weight=”” line=”true” text_align=”text-center”][vc_column_text]

[pricing-table id=6801 template=”smooth” currency=”$”]


Bundle book formatting with editing to SAVE more.

  • Discounts provided for multiple books ordered at the same time. Or check out our pay once, format all year plan!
  • Books must be received in a document that is considered final. Epona Author Solutions will not review the content of the file specifically for errors in the text.
  • Copyright page will be added if not provided with the document. Additional front and back matter including Also By pages, About the Author, or previews will not be added by Epona Author Solutions if not provided at the time of formatting.
  • Should the author edit the file and require it to be formatted again, Epona Author Solutions reserves the right to treat it as a new formatting project at its discretion.


Got questions about formatting? Reach out!


    [vc_column_text]Discounts available when booking book formatting and editing at the same time. Need more than seven books formatted in a year? Let’s talk! Volume discounts available.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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