It’s been a while–maybe a month, maybe longer–since you’ve sent a newsletter. You know you need to get back in the habit, but what do you say? How do you reconnect with people? Have they forgotten all about you and your books?

When I talk to authors about newsletters, I recommend at least once a month, preferably no less frequently than once every couple of weeks. Any longer and your readers may run the risk of forgetting about you. Not that they’re mean or intending on doing so, but I think it’s safe to say that all of us have a lot happening in our lives. If we don’t hear from people, they tend to fade from the front of our thoughts unless we have some connection (like family) with them. There are thousands of books releasing every day. It’s not uncommon to read a book, move on, and some months later realize that a sequel (or three) have come out and you’ve missed them. It happens.

Which is why it’s vital to reconnect with your newsletter subscribers. A reconnection newsletter doesn’t have to be complicated or long. A quick paragraph. Don’t need to apologize for being gone. Your new readers may not even know you haven’t sent a newsletter for a while. Instead, say something like…

Dear First Name(or Reader depending on how you handle this in your newsletter program), Thanks for being a subscriber. I may not have a new release at the moment, but I wanted to keep in touch. Include some interesting bit from your own life or funny pet story if you wish. If you’ve recently dealt with something and feel like sharing, that’s fine too. Have you checked out my book (backlist title), you can find it below…. Thanks, You.

Make it as personal as you wish, or not. You don’t have to include the book if you don’t want to, but I find highlighting a backlist title is a great way to possible clicks on the buy link. It’s also good to remind your readers about your older books since newer readers may not be aware of them.

Reconnecting with your readers doesn’t have to be scary or a long, drawn out process. Just a quick email will have them remembering you and your books, and waiting for your next one.