Air Date: 11/8/2023

In our second interview with authors who have completed I’m chatting with WT Meadows about his book Introduction Events and it’s ten-year journey from NaNo project to published, as well as his very successful Kickstarter campaign for it.

About the Author

WT Meadows is the best-selling co-author of The Shaman States of America: The South series beginning with The Mantle. He recently published the Young Adult novel Introduction Events about three teens who discover difficult-to-control powers and must keep them secret while being recruited by rival clandestine academies. All of that while dealing with all of the rest of the things that make it hard to be a teenager nowadays. It’s available on all digital platforms now and he hopes to make paperbacks available once they are fulfilled from the kickstarter. He lives in Austin with his wife, kids, and their two huskies.

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About the Book

One night, in the west Texas town of Serimessa, a girl awakens on her ceiling. The next day, after football practice, a boy walks into the showers and steps out onto an unforgiving desert. Across town, another school’s football practice ends in disaster after a routine tackle results in two players engulfed in flames.

These kinds of events look like clickbait nonsense to most people, but catch the eyes of rival clandestine academies where the superhuman is the norm. Two recruiters converge upon Serimessa to investigate and cover up the suspicious activities of three suddenly advanced teenagers.

Is it safe to learn to control surprising (and potentially dangerous) powers at home where you can be supported by your family and friends?

What if those closest to them are the very thing that caused a lose of control in the first place?

Three teens, whose lives weren’t simple in the first place, now have surprising and dangerous new abilities to make everything that much harder. They must decide who, if anyone, to trust with their new abilities and making the most of their new lives.