Already have a website?

Great! If your website is on WordPress, we can usually transfer it over without any problems. If your website isn’t already with WordPress, then please let me know your url/website provider and I will review and see what it will take to transfer it.

In either case, reach out and let’s talk!

Website hosting is $10/month on an automatic subscription.

Need a website?

No problem! Let’s talk about setting you up with an author website complete with a blog, a showcase for your books, newsletter integration, and a contact form. If you would like ongoing updates and changes to your content and books, that can be arranged as well.

Let’s talk about what you need!

Hosting Includes

  • WordPress Website
  • Self-Hosted (with me) so you own all the content and can have full control over it.
  • Generous Terms of Service that do not make any claim on your content nor ask for permission to use it anywhere. It’s yours.
  • Support. Ask questions. I’ll answer them. If you need work done, let’s talk. You’ll find my rates are reasonable, and I work fast.
  • Got questions? Ask!
  • $10 month pricing on subscription. (If you require monthly invoices, then it’s $15/month.)

Ready to begin? Contact me!