Host with someone who knows how vital your website is to you and your readers. Let us worry about upgrades & security.

I know that authors need a professional web presence. In fact, I’ve given talks and presentations about author websites since the early 2000’s. I also know you don’t want to worry about updates and security, and the last thing you want is to turn over your website to some company that has poor support and only its best interests in mind. Believe me! I’ve been there. You need a website host that understands YOU.

Epona Author Solutions is run by an author, one who has been writing and publishing for almost twenty years. I know what you need to make your books shine and will set up your site with my favorite book plugins, security, and page builders.

I also know you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. So why turn over your hard earned money to a company that isn’t going to help you when it comes to security, updates, or even answer your questions.

I offer managed WordPress hosting. What does that mean? I worry about upgrades, security and changes. I’ve tested and managed sites for years, so I know what is going to work for you and how to make things easier for you. Not only that, but you have support available. I WILL answer your questions. Need the work done? I can do that too and at reasonable rates.

Never worry about your website again. Hosting is $10/month.

Hosting Comes With

  • WordPress Website
  • Self-Hosted (with me) so you own all the content and can have full control over it.
  • Generous Terms of Service that do not make any claim on your content nor ask for permission to use it anywhere. It’s yours.
  • Support. Ask questions. I’ll answer them. If you need work done, let’s talk. You’ll find my rates are reasonable, and I work fast.
  • Got questions? Ask!
  • $10 month pricing on subscription. (If you require monthly invoices, then it’s $15/month.)

Ready to begin? Contact me!

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