Editing Services

The type of editing I do can be classified as copy editing. My focus is on grammar, spelling, and consistency. I also tend to give comments on what I like as well as what may be confusing or needs reworking.

Each edit includes:

  • Checking for grammar, punctuation, and spelling issues
  • Consistency checks for capitalization (especially in fantasy/science fiction) and word usage
  • Noting what works well. Did you make me laugh? Am I tearing up? Did I love a specific turn of phrase?
  • Alert you to passages which may be confusing or need reworking. Maybe I know what you mean, but it’s not just coming across that clearly.
  • Notification of consistent or spot issues with POV, characterization, scene setting, plot development, or world building. If these are extensive, then I will let you know, but will not micro edit each and every one.
  • Limited fact checking if something doesn’t “sound” right.
  • Notations of excessive passive voice or where active voice makes the story stronger.

I do all edits in Word with TRACK CHANGES turned on. I also utilize comments. I WILL NOT send a “non tracked changes” copy, because it is the responsibility of the author to go through the changes to review them. In addition, if comments/changes are removed, then you can’t see where comments apply or fix any noted issues beyond actual copy.

I’m familiar with both British and American English. I believe that rainbows are colorful, as well as colourful.

Sample edits of 1000 words are available. Please indicate on the inquiry form if you’re interested.

Should the sample sent exceed 1000 words, I will only edit the first 1000 or to the most logical paragraph ending point. Thank you for understanding. I will not edit any “preview chapters” or extra information such as author’s notes, acknowledgements, or copyright pages included in the book beyond spell checking. My editing services are for the actual story.

Who is my editing for?

Are you an author who has…

  • A completed manuscript? (Either now or when you plan on delivering it to me for editing. I do not edit chapter-by-chapter or in pieces.)
  • Written either science fiction, fantasy, romance (all heat levels) or non-fiction? (Sorry, I don’t read horror and prefer not to edit hard-core erotica w/o one of the genre elements listed. I also don’t read/edit Amish/Christian Inspirational sweet romances. General contemporary sweet romances–no problem!)
  • Faith in your story line that the characters and plot arc work? (There may be minor inconsistencies and oopsies to be caught and fixed, but you’re not questioning how your characters defeat the bad guys.)
  • A willingness to improve your story through careful, detailed editing

If you answered YES to those questions, then it sounds like we’re a great fit. PLEASE fill out the form below and let’s talk!

Need a sensitivity reader? Contact me for my areas of expertise.

NOTE: Authors who complete their first paid edit are “locked in” at these rates. Your cost will NEVER go up for future books. Authors with a completed editing relationship may also receive additional perks such as referral bonuses or discounts subject to availability.

Are you ready?

Just fill out the form below, or book a call with me. We’ll talk about your project and how I can help.

Inquire about Editing

Copy Edit Pricing

< 20,000 words is $0.005/word
20,000 to 25,000 words –> $95

25,0001 to 50,000 words –> $185
50,001 to 75,000 words –> $275
75,0001 to 100,000 words –> $365
100,001  to 125,000 words –> $455
125,001 to 150,000 words –> $545
150,001 to 175,000 words –> $635
175,001 to 200,000 words –> $735
Over 200,001 words? Contact for price.

Prices are for one editing pass. If you would like me to review your changes, please let me know at the time you request your edit or as soon as possible. Second pass edits may not be available due to scheduling.

Pricing Philosophy

My pricing philosophy is simple. Everyone deserves quality editing without breaking their budget or going into debt.

With this in mind, I’ve priced my work what I feel is fair and affordable. Because my prices are so low, for anything under $95, I require payment in full. I’ll invoice you. Above $95, there will be a deposit of 25% due at the time of scheduling and 75% due within 72 hours of receiving the completed edits. If you need a payment plan, talk to me. We can work something out. Invoices will be sent and can be paid by credit card or PayPal. There is an agreement that I’ll send to confirm agreements and all payment plans must be created before editing begins.

Important Notes

  • When a book has multiple authors, please pick one spokesperson. I will not work with multiple authors on the same project.
  • Turnaround times: For most projects I can complete it within 10-17 days.
  • You should be thinking at least a month in advance for your books. I’m happy to work with your schedule and often can schedule within a couple of weeks, but I reserve the right to impose a “rush” fee up to 100% of the edit’s cost depending on your needs.


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