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Welcome to Epona Author Solutions


I am a holistic author coach who helps today’s writers run free from the storms of publishing. When you work with me, you’ll find more creativity, more clarity, and an understanding of what you want to write and why! You’ll be able to ignore the haters, find the publishing path that works for you, and most importantly feel better about your writing. I know how tough it is to be an author these days. After all, I’ve been published for twenty years. With so many people are telling you what you “should” do, it’s hard to do what works best for YOU. I specialize in helping authors forge their own paths so they can be free from the storms of publishing.

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My Mission Statement

My mission to help independent authors run free from the current paradigms of publishing which demand more and more production at a high personal cost and help authors find their own path to publish which balances self-care with creativity and provides personal, as well as financial, fulfillment..

What does being a holistic author coach mean? It means that I believe success comes when authors are supported as whole individuals. The storms of publishing come from within and without. For the inner author, I’m a certified meditation coach, yoga instructor, EFT-TFT practitioner, and mindset coach. We’ll work on what’s going on in your mind and heart, so you can get your stories out onto the screen and page, and into the world. For the outer author, I offer services like editing, virtual mailboxes, and website hosting to make the business of being an author just a little easier for you!

Come join me and the herd, as we run free to chase our author goals and make them a reality!

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